CRONw - Update

This is the UPDATE.txt file of the CRONw - CRON for Windows Project at Visit the home page and read the INSTALL.txt document, too.


Version 2.0 is considered incompatible with the old 1.x versions of CRONw. You'll need to reinstall CRONw. The crontab format is unchanged so you may use the old crontab with CRONw 2.0.

To update an existing copy of CRONw, follow these 1-2-3 instructions. Please see if you have to pay special attention if you're upgrading from a special version.

  1. Stop the service: NET STOP CRON
  2. Copy the files from the new zip into your old CRONw directory. Overwrite all existing files.
  3. Start the service: NET START CRON

Existing crontab file(s)

Your existing crontab file(s) won't get overwritten, because as of version 1.3beta a default crontab isn't delivered any longer. Only if no crontab file exists, CRONw will create an empty one from scratch for you.

Updating from versions prior to 2.0 beta

The naming of the source files has changed with 2.0. You may remove all files in the old CRONw directory (keep a copy of your crontab!) and copy the new ones into it. Please rename your crontab file to "crontab.txt".

Because the name change please remove the cron service prior to installing (perl --remove).

The logging format has changed, so you might consider updating any logfile parsing scripts you're eventually using. You may change the logfile format by editing log.conf


See "Debugging your installation" in INSTALL.txt. Logo